začali vozíčkaři zase po svých

Has anyone regained their mobility during/after the abx, have wheelchair users regained walking ability?

Ještě jedna zajímavost, není

Ještě jedna zajímavost, není gliotoxin jako gliotoxin


"....Caveat There is confusion over the term gliotoxin. The term was first used in the 1930s to describe a toxic metabolite of the fungus Gliocladium fimbriatum; the name is derived from the name of the organism. This toxin is the small molecule with the heterocyclic nucleus spanned by a disulphide bond as described above. Unfortunately the same name — gliotoxin — has also been applied to a protein, toxic to the glial (gliocyte) classes astrocytes and oligodendrocytes, which has been found in the CSF of persons with MS ..."


"...These two toxins have categorically different structures and have nothing in common except their name. Despite this, Internet articles have appeared which assume a common identity and which forward the assertion that mycotoxins have been demonstrated in the CSF of persons with MS..."


březen 2013 ukončení CAPu 

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